The Friends of St Nicholas

The Friends was set up in 2006 to help raise the necessary funds to maintain and improve the wonderful building that is St Nicholas Church Dereham.  It is a registered charity (charity no 1115389), with a board of six trustees and usually with an organising committee of approximately six people.

The first fundraising was to assist in the cost of the major restoration of the church roof during 2006-2008, for which the Friends contributed over £9,000.   In 2008 a further £3,000 was donated to the cost of renovating the clockface on the bell tower. The Friends raised funds for the installation of new lighting in the church; this project is now completed.

For the future, the Friends look to involve both congregation and the local community in the maintenance of St Nicholas Church.  Apart from the immediate projects, such as the renovation of the lighting, there is the need to provide kitchen and toilet facilities closer to the church building, and this will possibly be a major project in the future. If you would like to become a Friend, please complete this leaflet.


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