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The environment and Fair Trade



St  Nicholas  Church  Dereham  PCC Environmental  Policy

1. The Biblical creation stories give human beings a place of responsibility in relation to the earth and every living creature. We are called to be caretakers of creation and to participate in the ongoing creative and renewing activity of God.
2. Environmental degradation and climate change affect human lives, especially among the poor.
3. Christian mission includes sharing in putting right the broken relationships between humankind and the rest of creation.
4. We challenge and encourage ourselves to care for the earth by following sustainable practice and taking into account global and local environmental considerations for present and future generations of people and for other species.

The PCC have agreed to an environmental policy which includes the following main points.

1. Awareness and Commitment
We celebrate God’s creation and care for the Environment in our worship.
We set environmental targets and monitor progress towards those targets
We encourage our church employees and officials to support environmental commitment.

2. Energy
We use energy efficiently.
We aim to use energy from renewable sources (‘green tariff’).

3. Water
We try to use water efficiently.
We take care to avoid pollutants entering the drainage system

4. Waste
We aim to reduce our production of waste
We encourage the re-use, repair and recycling of materials
We dispose of wastes in a safe and responsible way

5. Materials and Resources (including office supplies)
We aim to buy products which are made by following sustainable principles
We use locally-made goods and products where practicable
We avoid unnecessary use of paper

6. Natural Environment and Church Land
We aim to conserve and enhance natural habitats and wildlife.
We look for opportunities to care for the local environment

7. Travel for Church Activities
We avoid unnecessary travel
We encourage walking, cycling and the use of pubic transport
We encourage the use of car sharing and energy efficient driving styles

The following web site provide additional information on and links to environmental issues Christian Ecology Link:

St Nicholas Church is a FAIRTRADE CHURCH

Our Church Council agreed to the following:

To use Fairtrade tea and coffee after services and in all meetings.
To use other Fairtrade products such as sugar, biscuits and fruit whenever possible.
To promote Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight and during the year.

The St Nicholas Fairtrade point of contact is Kate Baldry, a TRAIDCRAFT Fairtrader, and registered with them to sell Traidcraft goods. (Contact via the Parish Office)
Traidcraft is Christian based organisation, committed to working with people of all faiths and none in our common fight against poverty.
Traidcraft's vision is a world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just and people and communities can flourish.
Traidcraft is committed to working in new and innovative ways. We have been working in the fair trade area since 1979 and have been influential in changing the way other businesses work.

St Nicholas have a Traidcraft Stall in church after the 9.30 service every week, simple food and paper items such as chocolate, juice, Geobars and greetings cards are all available. There is also a stall at some of the church fundraising events – here you can see a wide selection of Crafts such as jewellery, bags, household items and Gifts. You can order online (the only way to order wine) at
Or save the postage by ordering through Kate by e-mail or by completing an order form.
Catalogues (and order forms) are available at the back of Church or from the Traidcraft cupboard.
Kate does orders on a regular basis so your goods could be with you within a fortnight (let her know if there is any urgency and she will do her best to get your order to you in time).

Dereham Baptist Church is also a Fairtrade Church .

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