Articles on the history of Swanton Morley


1. William of Beverley

2 When was All Saints Church Built

3.Tom Martin's visit to the Church part 1

4. Tom Martin's visit to the Church Part 2

5. Circling the Church

6. Thomas de Kyningham

7. The very early members of the Morley family

8. Coat of Arms

9. William de Morley

10.When the church was struck by Lightning

11. A visitation by the Duke of Northumberland's Men

12. When the Rector had to disown his wife

13. What happened to Thomas Norley

14. Choir Outings

15 The Organs

16. The Boy's Hospital in Norwich

17. Road Diversion

18. Henry Ainsworth

19. Henry Ainsworth and his Book of Psalms

20. The Porch

21. The Chancel does not fit the Nave

22. The Visit made by the Archdeacon

23.The RAF window

24. The Lincoln Bible

25. The Printing of the Lincoln Bible

26. The 1755 Prayer Book

27. Prayers for the King and the Royal Family

28.How DNA tests unravelled the mystery of Thomas Lincoln, the Weaver

29. The First Raid on Occupied Europe

30. The Hammerbeam Roof of the Chancel

31. The carved wooden corbels in the Chancel

32. A bomber crew from RAF Swanton Morley

33. The Mystery of the Foundation of the Friends of Swanton Morley Church

34. William Collett Senior

35. William Collett Senior (cont)

36.William Collett Junior

37. The Turret Clock in the Tower

38.The Outbreak of the First World War

39. Henry Tacy and the Mission to the Maoris

40. Henry Tacy's years at Swanton Morley

41. Henry Tacy's Curate

42. Lewton Brain Brass

43. The Death of James Lewton Brass

44. The rebuilding of the Rectory

45. Further rebuilding of the Rectory

46. Oh No!  Not another ancient Rector

47. Continuing the story of the Revd. Edward Evans- Lombe

48. Mary Lombe, the widow of the Revd.Edward Evans- Lombe

49. The Church in Canada maintained links with Swanton Morley

50. The Death of Private Horace Rump

51. The Battle of Arras

52. The death of George Harrold

53. Two branches of the Lombe Family

54. Building of the Derby Silk Mill

55. The Lombe Family in Norfolk

56. The Beevor Family

57.The Estates pass to the Evans family

58. The Building of Bylaugh Hall

59. A visit to All Saints by Mel Coulson

60. Swanton Morley Mill enlarged

61. The building of a new bridge

62. A poem about the new county bridge

63. The Reverend Augustus Jessopp

64. A story relating to Swanton Morley Mill

65. How did Swanton Morley get its name

66. Herbert Walter Beevis

67. More on the Family of Herbert Walter Beevis

68. The German Spring offensive of 1918

69. Details of the 4 men from Swanton Morley who died in the Spring offensive

70. The Allied counter-offensive

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