Benefice Prayer Group

The Benefice Prayer Group meets most months, usually on the first Monday of the month, to pray for our churches and communities. We start at 7.30 pm and aim to finish at 8.30 pm. The venue changes each month, as does the format of the evening. This is dependant on who is leading the session, so a varied range of stylres is created. Those who feel able to do so take turns in leading, but there is no pressure to lead, if you are more comfortable to be more private in your prayers. The meeting often includes a Bible passage, some form of worship and meditation, in addition to the time of prayer. We do our best to pray for all the communities and parishes of our Benefice. As the venue changes each month, it is best to look in the weekly newsletter to check the details of the next meeting. The newsletter can be found elsewhere on this website. New members are always welcome. For more information, contact 01362 692883

Dates for 2018

Monday 8th January         Monday 5th February                  Monday 5th March

Monday 9th April               No May meeting                          Monday 4th June

Monday 2nd July               Monday 6th August                      Monday 3rd September

Monday 1st October       Monday 5th November                 Monday 3rd December

Also details of Dereham Fellowship Prayer Meetings can be found in the weekly newsletter. They meet 4 times per year. 


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