Christingle 2020

Christingle 2020

Things could never be the same this year, but it was recognised that the Annual Christingle Service would be greatly missed by families throughout the Benefice. Our new super-hero of a Rector, Paul, came to the rescue, with his talents of film-making. He had already produced a wonderful Carol Service on YouTube, featuring Dereham Town Band and local schools. Now he turned his talents to the Christingle Service.


Plans were made to have an on-line Christingle service, which was to go live on YouTube on Christmas Eve.

Children would need kits to make Christingles, so 200 kits were made, each pack containing everything to complete a Christingle, including instruction sheet complete with Christingle Carol. This explains the meaning of all the components.

These were given out, with an orange, on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas.  Children's were excited to receive them and parents expressed their gratitude, with comments such as, "Thank you so much for doing this. Christmas always begins for us with the Christingle Service."

We received many positive comments on Facebook, and photos were posted showing the children making their Nativity sets, which they had received in their Messy Church Activity Takeaway bags, and also of them making their Christingles.


   Aimee and Alex Dagless Made their crafts and their Christingle,s which they lit during the on-line Christingle Service.

The Christingle Service went live on YouTube on the day before the expected Christmas Eve launch, as disappointing news of the week, of changed, more restricted Christmas rules, and  also news that we would be going into Tier 4 on Boxing Day, needed an 'anti-dote'. The Christingle Service was just what was needed. Rector Revd. Canon Paul Cubitt,  Team Vicar James Rosie, and Lay Minister Evelyn Speed with Simeon Sheep participated in this production. If you watch it, be sure to watch the 'Bloopers' at the end!

Claire Cubitt has provided so much singing on our behalf, throughout this time of Pandemic. She also sang and recited the Christmas Alphabet for our Christingle Service.

Go to YouTube and search for St. Nicholas Dereham. 


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