3rd-9th August 2019 Open Church Week at St. Nicholas

3rd -9th August 2019 = Open Churches Week

A warm welcome greeted people visiting St. Nicholas by a band of happy volunteers, where there was an art exhibition to view throughout the week, plus a craft exhibition on the Friday. There were delicious home made refreshments for those contemplating what they might like to purchase, with so much choice of local talent.

Artists and crafters displayed their work, there were guided tours of the church and a tour of the Bell Tower. 


Visitors enjoyed looking at Dereham's local talent, and the Dereham Meeting Point's Dementia Group made a display of 'Memories'..


Beautiful glass work featured on two stalls.


Card and craft items showed the skill of so many hours of work.


With so much choice, many took advantage to enjoy the delicious refreshments, while they contemplated on what they had seen. 

Both Exhibitors and Visitors expressed their delight for  the week.



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