2nd April 2021:Easter Messy Church Activity Bags

2nd April 2021: St. Nicholas Messy Church Activity Bags

Children were invited to come and collect their Messy Church Bags between 10am and 12 noon, on Good Friday. In normal times, this is usually the busiest Messy Church session of the year, but Covid has meant that Messy Church had to resort to other means for children to access Messy Church, hence another batch of Activity bags.. By 10.35, there were only 6 bags left from the 40 that had been made, so we had to hurriedly purchase some Cadbuury's Caramel eggs for any children who arrived later. This was a good plan, as all bags had gone by 10.55, and several disappointed children at least had the consolation of an Easter egg.   

We started with 40 bags


Children arrived early, and by 10.55, we had no bags left!

The bags contained Easter colouring and puzzle sheets, 3 craft kits and a Cadbury Creme Egg. You can see the completed crafts on the table with Digger. The bags also contained a glue stick and packets of crayons.

Our thanks go to an anonymous donor who provided the glue sticks, H.H. Aldiss, who provided the bags, crayons and puzzle and colouriong sheets, and to Morrison's for the Cadbury Creme Eggs. We are very grateful for their support, which enables us to give these bags out, free of charge.


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