28th July 2019 Sally's Leaving Service

28th July 2019: Sally's Final Day: ( This is a small selection of photos. There is a more comprehensive selection in the Photo Album. Go to header bar, click on 'Church Life' and scroll down to 'Photos' and select 'Sally Leaves Dereham. If you wish to order any photos for yourself, please contact Evelyn Speed on 01362 691339)

A large congrgation, including friends, family. congregations fro across the Benefice, local Dignitaries, our Danish friends and a large team of Clergy and Readers, gathered to make Sally's last service a special occasion, and they wern't disappointed.


Michael welcomed everybody as they arrived for the service, minus his 'clicker'!

Churchwardens from across the Benefice wer there in abundance.


The 'gathering' included friends, family, congregations from across the Benefice, local Dignitaries, and Jacob, who had flown from Denmark especially for the occasion, and the full Clergy/Reader Team.


Sally preached her last sermon and presided at the Eucharist, before the presentaions.


There flattering speeches, presentation of gifts and Michael did a RAP!!!


There was a beautiful cake to cut, made by Beverly Burton, and a final blessing from Sally before........

.......Sally and Michael left hand-in-hand to face whatever the future may hold for them.

After the service, there was a buffet-lunch at Swanto Morley, with entertainment by Derrick Watts.


We thank Sally and Michael for their dedicated service to Dereham and District Team ministry. There must be many memories from the past 10 years, both sad and happy, but we wish you every happiness for the future. May love and God's blessing be with you in all you do.

A book of memories to help reminisce...

Farewell Sally and Michael

A Royal Naval Chaplain, Sally sailed across the sea.

SheTravelled far and travelled wide to see what she could see.

A map upon her study wall shows countries where she's seen

Not all by ship but some by plane, and coloured where she's been.

Sally is well travelled, and Michael? Well he's not!!

But they came across from Gaywood to give Dereham their best shot.

Revd. Canon Sally Theakston became Rector of our Team.

Whilst Michael, in the background, became P.A. of high esteem!

The chnges in the Benefice made it bigger than before.

Increasing Churches and their staff was a massive task for sure.

But Sally led us through it all, so we didn't go astray,

Which is now so very important as we'r getting close to the day

When Sally and Michael say 'Goodbye' to find their Pastures new.

We'll miss them both, but we'll be ok as Sally's hard work sees us through.

So Farewell Sally and Michael,ss you both, we know:

But we wish you well in all you do and may God's Love with you go.






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