17th August 2017 'Pimms and Puddings' at Evelyn and Doug's

17th August: Pimms and Puddings at Evelyn and Doug's

In spite of terrible weather warnings forecast the previous week, we were blessed with a warm and sunny evening to enjoy good company, excellent puddings and a plentious supply of Pimm's. Derrick Watts did a marvellous job, yet again, singing his heart out, throughout the evening. 37 people took advantage of the gardens, where the flowers continue to flourish and give us enjoyment. It's amazing what can grow from tiny seeds, to fill pots with resplendant beauty.

Doug and Evelyn feel blessed to live at 'Snojem', and are delighted to share their home with St. Nicholas Church family.

Cheese and wine last year....Pimms and puddings this year.....any suggestions for 2020?

The picture is of last year's Cheese and Wine, as, this year, Doug was enjoying himself with the good company and puddings that he forgot to take photographs! ........or was it the Pimm's!!

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