11th October: Farewell to Celia and Gordon

Sunday 11th October at St. Nicholas

'Farewell to Celia and Gordon Barker'

Churchwardesn Sheila Hanmer and Marguerite Otty presented Celia and Gordonwith a beautiful picture of St. Nicholas Church, where they have been valued members of our church family

Following the service of Holy Communion, Church warden Sheila Hanmer expressed thanks to Celia and Gordon for all that they have done for our Church, in so many areas. They have worked hard improving the fabric of the church and churchyard, have served on the PCC and been Associate Churchwardens. Celia was Safe-guarding Officer, played a major roll with the bell-ringers and Gordon set up and ran the popular 'Hymnsing Group' and the 'Thursday Men' group. They provided us with a spectacular exhibition celebrating the end of World War 1. There has been so much hard  work behind the scenes, which will leave a 'big hole' as they leave, and which we shall gratefully remember them. We wish the well and God's blessings as they move to a village, near Castle Cary, to be near their family. 

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