11th March 2020 Bishop's Visit to St. Nicholas. Dereham

Wednesday 11th March 2020: Bishop Graham's visit to St. Nicholas, Dereham.

There was a goodly congregation from around the Benefice, who came to take part in the initial Evening Prayer, led by the Revd Mark McCaghrey, our Rural Dean. The Bishop had already had a very busy day being shown around the area, and meeting several people.

Following the evening service, there was opportunity for a warmimg drink and a chance to say 'hello' to friends, which made a pleasant interlude before the 'Question Time' .

Mark was able to provide an initial interview, with Bishop Graham, who gave open, honest and interesting answers to the questions posed, which varied from those of a spiritual nature, to those of a more personal theme, including the dilemma of moving 9 hives of honey bees, from Dudley to Norwich! 

There followed an 'open' question time, with members of the congregation  asking a variety of questions. This was a most enjoyable session for all those attending, with a general feeling of 'getting to know' our new Bishop of Norwich.

The evening ended with a social opportunity to meet, chat and enjoy the delicious buffet, with a glass of wine, including non-alcoholic for the drivers attending.


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