7th October 2018 Maasai Warriors at St. Nicholas Church Dereham

7th October 2018: The Osiligi Maasai Warriors performed their tribal songs and dances for St. Nicholas Church.

It was difficult to pack everyone into the church, but once all were seated, the Warriors made a spectacular entrance along the central ailse of the church. The evening was introduced by John Curtin , who organises the tours, which began in 2002. During the many tours the troupes have made since then, they have raised enough money to have a clean water system, build a school and a church..The Warriors  come from farming backgrounds and their families, back home in Kenya, look after the farms in the Warriors' absence, and also make tribal jewelry which is sold at the performances.


The Warriors performed many dances and sang songs of their history and culture, which were explained by the Chief  Warrior. The audience were involved  throughout the performance, as the Warriors approached children to give a 'high five'. One excited young lad jumped up and down exclaiming, "I've been hih-fived by a Maasai Warrior!".


The audience learned a lot through the dances and singing, showing stpories of hunting, rights of passage and care  of  their precious animals.


There was an awkward time, when the church was plunged into darkness, due to a power cut, but the Warriors were unperturbed and continued with there marvellous performane, temporarily lit by members of the audience using the lights from their mobile phones. It was not too long before lights were on again for the second half, which included opportunity for members of the ausdience to share the stage and join in the dances and 'high jumping', including our own talented Canon Sally Theakston! Guess who jumped the highest? (Sorry Sally..... a little more practice!)


This wonderful evening was not only entertaining,but informative, as we learned so much about these people, not only from their singing and dancing, but a question and answer session and exaples of their individual talents, including telling jokes in 'Swahili', and animal impressions!

These Christian Warriors finished their performace with Gospel songs and prayers and warm thank you's were given to them by Canon Sally Theakston


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