6th October Afternoon Tea Party at St. Nicholas

Sunday 6th October: Afternoon Tea Party with entertainment at St. Nicholas Church, organised by the fundraising committee.


The U3A Ukelele Band started the afternoon with a performance of good 'singalong' music, before they were joined by the Delta Singers Choir + 1.


Can you spot the 'plus 1'? Look at the shoulder of the male chorister on the top left....... perfect ape for the singing of, 'Wanta be like you', from Disney's Jungle Book!

The Delta singers then performed by themselves with a great variety of renditions.

Following the 'mini-concert, there was a delicious tea-party, which was enjoyed by over 40 people. This was beautifully served on tradional 3 tiered cake plates, and tea from a fine array of teapots.

This was a fantastic afternoon, and everybody was very appreciateive of the hard work of the fundraising committee.

Sadly, the photographer was too busy, (eating), to take pictures of the teaparty...........sorry.

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