6th June 2018 Mothers Union Quiet Day led by Revd Lynn Chapman

6th June 2018: Mothers Union Quiet Day at Bilney House.

On reaching Bilney House, we were greeted by a beautiful display of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, edging the front garden.

The day was led by Revd. Lynn   Chapman, Priest in Charge at Brooke, who provided a calming. peaceful, meditative environment, as she invited us to join her in four sessions of 'Breakfast', 'Lunch', 'Tea' and 'Supper', based on Bible readings. Breakfast on the beach with Jesus and the Disciples, lunch with the five thousand, tea with Jesus and Zaccheus and then to Bilney Church for supper with Jesus and the Disciples, to join in the Eucharist.


Prayer and meditation at the beginning of each seesion, followed by a reading, and Lynn's thoughts and suggestions, for the 'free time', with the opportunity to ponder in the silence which enwrapped the day. 


Three 'Prayer Staions' in the dining room were a beautiful addition to the day and included inspirational colouring sheets, which proved very popular among those attending the day.


We are so fortunate to be able to have the use of Bilney House and its beautiful gardens for our 'Quiet Days' To be able to wander through the gardens and meadows is the perfect environment for quiet meditation. Our grateful thanks must go to Patricia for making us so welcome once again. The wonderful hospitality, with beverages and delicious biscuits, was second to none, and the weather was exceptional.

Sheila presented a bouquet of lilies to Patricia on behalf of Dereham and District Mothers Union.

The day ended with a Eucharist at Bilney Church. A perfect end to a perfect day. There were so many positive comments after the service, led by Lyn and based on an Ionian Service.....so refreshing....peaceful...inspirational..

Thank you Lynn for the spiritual sustainance of this special day.

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