6th January2019 St Nicholas Verger reitres

6th January 2019: David Webster retired as Verger for St. Nicholas Church

There was a goodly congregation who gathered to wish David well for his retirement. His faithful team of 'Holy Dusters' made a presentation of slippers, a liquorice pipe, and a posy of yellow roses made from dusters, following a short speech of good wishes, given by the 'shop steward', Diana Pragnell on behalf of the group.


Evelyn Speed read her poem, detailing David's busy life and work as the Verger for St. Nicholas, and expressing the love and best wishes of the Congregation.



A presentation was made by Rector Sally Theakston and Gordon Barker on behalf of St. Nicholas.A beautiful, engraved crystal bowl was presented to David, detailing his years as Verger, with an etching of the church and bell tower on the reverse side. An orchid was given to Claudette, in appreciation of her 'sufferance' resulting from David's dedication to his outstanding work and long hours spent performing his duties. David gave a short speech of thanks before Sally gave the blessing and invited everybody to stay to wish David well and to enjoy the delicious cake, made by Beverley Burton, and a glass of Bucks Fizz.

After he had cut the cake, David had opportunity to examine the beautil crystal bowl with Gordon Barker.


Everybody wishes David the very best for his retirement, including his faithful, hardworking team of the 

'Holy Dusters'


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