31st July 2018 Messy Church at St Nicholas

31st July 2018 Messy Church: God's gifts of Summertime'

It may have been raining in Dereham, but it was definitely summertime inside St. Nicholas, and opportunity to make sandcastles.

We followed the life of a seed to a plant with new seeds...what a miracle!



What does a seed need? We made Umbrella/parasols to represent sunshine and rain, and kites to represent wind to disperse the seeds. So many other games and activities wer available to have fun with.


Canon Sally led a very active 'Bean Game', which was greatly enjoyed by children and adults alike! Worship time was followed by picnic style hotdogs. A most enjoyable morning for families attending, with many favourable comments. It's good for the helpers as well as, who make these mornings possible. It's great to see how their hard work is rewarded by seeing the enjoyment of the children.


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