2nd April 2018: Jayden Stebbings rings his first 1/4 peal

 Peter and Jayden represent the wide age range of bell ringers

 Revd. Sally presenting Jayden with his certificate in recognition of his first 1/4 peal of Plain Bob Doubles.

 Jayden with his proud dad, who is Tower Captain at Dereham.

The 1/4 peal took place at Shipdham, on Monday 2nd April, and was in recognition of Peter Woodcock achieving 70 years of bell ringing. Peter is one of the oldest ringers in the Diocese, and has recently been made a life member. He also rang on the day. Peter has many Peals and Quarter Peals to his credit, and is an extremely able ringer.

Peter and Jayden represent the age range within bell ringers: Peter 80 + years and Jayden 10 years old.

A Quarter Peal of 1260 changes of Bob Doubles lasts about 45 minutes.

What is special about a Quarter Peal? :-

1) The stamina required to keep ringing the bell for 45 minutes without resting.

2) The mental concentration required, following a different bell for each stroke, and remembering your position and where to go next!

The errors or loss of concentration usually kicks in after 25-30 minutes. The legs begin to ache a little and you wish you could stretch them. Shifting your weight a little can bring some relief, but you still have to concentrate on what you are doing, for the brain begins to tire at the same point!

For Jayden, ringing the treble line was relatively straight forward. However, the rest of the band are relying on the treble being in the right place, as the treble is the 'signpost' for them.

This means that, when the ringers see or follow the trteble, they know what to do next: Pass the treble in 1-2 up and you must make 2nds and lead again: Pass the treble in 4-5 up and you must dodge 3-4 down: Pass the treble in 3-4 up and you make long 5ths: Pass the treble in 2-3 up and dodge the 3-4 up.

So, as you can see, if the treble is in trouble then the rest of the ringers may need help or get lost as well !


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