29th May 2018: Messy Church Dereham

29th May 2018: Dereham Benefice Messy Church was celebrating music for the morning. There was opportunity to make musical instruments, go up the bell tower to see bells being rung,and see how the big church organ works, and even have a go at playing it. Canon Sally led a game of 'Sally says' before Worship time, which gave opportunity to play the instruments which the children had made earlier. The fun-packed morning ended with our usual hot-dogs and cakes. We are very grateful, once more to East of England Co-op for providing the rolls and sausages.


Once children entered our beautiful church, they had opportunty to go up the church tower, or see how an organ works. They were fascinated to see how many pipes there were for all the music notes, and how many keyboards there were, including one which is played with the organists feet! Richard, our organnist and musical director, allowed the children to have a go!


Older children enjoyed playing with the lego, or on the air-hockey, whilst younger children queued patiently for the craft tables, where they could make instruments. There was a choice to make drums, shakers, lyres or decorate 'flutes'. Some made all of them!


We are fortunate to have a great team of dedicated helpers, who prepapre the craft activities, as well as help the children on Messy Church sessions.Handbells were available to make music, with specially prepared colour-coded music.


Games all around the church entertained the children, after they had made their instruments, with drums carried round at all times!


Canon Sally led the game of 'Sally Says', with families joining in together, before going to the Sanctuary Area for worship time.


David Webster led the singing with his guitar, 'If you're happy and you know it' encouraged us to bang our drums, shake our shakers, blow our whistles, ring our bells and clap our hands.


We learned that music has been played on instruments for thousands of years, (evidence of which can be found in the Old Testament), and how some instruments look  similar, but sound different, like the guitar and banjo, or the piano and organ.

One of the children, Enid, read the prayer for us as we sat quietly. It was then time for the 'Messy Grace' before the children feasted on hot-dogs and cake.

Our next session will be during 'Open Churches Week', on Tuesday 31st July, 10-11.30am

Further information from Evelyn Speed 01362 691339.

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