28th May Messy Church at St. Nicholas

28th May 2019: Messy Church at St. Nicholas: Theme 'People Jesus Met'

An aweful morning of torrential rain was not good news for parents to bring their children out to Messy Church, but after a slow start, 22 children turned up abd had great fun. Craft Activities included Centurian helmets: Martha and Mary face biscuits: Matthew Tac Collector money purses: Feeding 5,000 story cards: 3D fish for the fishermen disciples to catch: Various coloured playdough to make a model of somebody Jesus met. There was a quiz to help learn more about people Jesus met, and the disciples. Even our volunteers enjoyed the activities!




Once again, Sally's lead in the game 'Sally Says', brought laughter, before our worship time. Singing involved an inter-active song,'When Jesus went for a walk one day, who did he meet along the way?' It gave opportunity to show how many interesting stories there are in the Bible for the children to read.


Amerli read the prayers for us, and made a very good job, before we finished with our usual anthem of 'Alleliue', with energetic actions! Again, it was good to hear so much laughter from the children and adults participating!

Following the 'Messy Grace', the children had a quick game of 'Going on a Bear Hunt', before munching on hot-dogs, cakes and fresh fruit baskets.

Generous donations amounted to £40! Amerli, our 'prayer leader', left with a high commendation for the morning, "Well done! When we arrived this morning, we were sad and miserable because of the weather, but you have made us very happy for the rest of the day! Thank you!" How heart-warming and good to know that all our hard work has been appreciated. Thank you 'Team'.

Next session Thursday 25th July 2019

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