27th January 2018 St. Nicholas Parish Planning Day

 Revd. Sally introduces the Dereham Parish Day at Scarning, which eveolved into a fantastic opportunity to voice our hopes and dreams for our Church.

Deep discussions of ideas


The Parish day was a great opportunity for the St. Nicholas PCC and Congregation to bring their hopes, visions and dreams for the future of our Church. Themed tables which catered for all aspects of Church life, from buildings to worship and mission and all in between, ensured that individual ideas were up for discussion and by a process of 'brainstorming', these ideas were listened to and documented for the PCC to take away for future discussion. The photos above show the discussions, feedback and collection of the ideas. The day was broken up by a delicious lunch, (with plenty of 'seconds'!), and time to continue conversations of peoples' ideas. A brilliant idea, with a chance to bring thoughts, ideas and even constructive criticism to the table, with a feeling that people had a voice in what happens to their precious Church.

"If you have acheived your dream....you didn't dream big enough." So many dreams to ponder on from this day, including toilets and kitchen in the church, and even a mezanine floor and decent,ample storage for the Verger! We certainly did dream big....now over to you PCC! 

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