24th March 2019: A presentation of the work of 'Abraham's Children in Crisis'.

Sunday 24th March, in Church House, Dereham: Ian Mills gave a very informative talk, regarding the work of his Charity, 'Abraham's Children in Crisis. 

Ian set up the Charity to help the children in and around Palestine, when they are in moments of crisis in their young lives. It was impossible not to be moved by his talk. The work which he has done for such children is phenominal, and the fact that he does the work, without taking a penny from the charity funds, using his police pension for his only source of income, adds even more to the remarkable work that he does. There was evidence that this gentleman sometimes puts his own life in danger, on the occasions when he has needed to 'smuggle' children across borders and 'check-points'

The afternoon ended with tea and a selection of delicious cake, and although Ian did not ask for donations, and he hates asking for money, it was heart-warming that a small bowl was soon overflowing with 'notes' to support his work.

Below are a few of Ian's success stories, showing the children he has helped.



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