22nd June 2018 Final Summer Organ Recital

22nd June 2018: Final Summer Orgn Recital by Richard Bower. 'From Bach to Land of Hope and Glory'

Resident MD Richard Bower treated us to a feast of superb music. The great variety, expertly played by Richard, was visible on the large screen. It was fascinating to see hands and feet 'flying' across the keyboards, as Richard played some very challenging pieces. The recital ended with an opportunity to sing-a-long to 'Land of Hope and Glory'.....Who needs 'The Last Night of the Proms' ?!!!

This series of 4 Recitals has been a true delight, as the talented organists, Doogal Smith, Jo Richards, Relph Clark and Richard Bower have entertained us with such a wide variety of music, so expertly delivered on our fantastic organ, in such a wonderful environment, which is our St Nicholas Parish Church. The events have been enhanced by the delicious 'Sandwich and Cake' lunches which have preceded the recitals.

2nd July update:- Good company, good lunches and a variety of good music at the June Recitals helped to raise £1066 for church funds.

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