22nd October 2019 Messy Church


22nd October: Half Term Messy Church: 'Who's St. Paul?'

43 children and 63 adults came to St. Nicholas Family Fun Morning to discover the answer to, 'Who is St. Paul?'

Children made animated shipwreck pictures, jointed bodies, ("We are parts of the one body"), beautiful, heart-shaped quotation 'mobiles, ("Faith, Hope, Love, but the greatest of these is Love"), playdough shipwreck models and they completed Paul Quiz Sheets. Following a game of 'Simon Says', led by Marion, worship time involved a very brief life story of 'Saul to Paul'. Evelyn led the worship which included 'Paul's shipwreck song', sung to the tune of 'Old MacDonald', and young Autumn led the prayers. The children participated in all the actions of the story and the song, with the worship time ending with the usual rendition of 'Alleliue' and the Messy Grace. H. H. Aldiss, once mor3e, supplied the rolls and sausages for the hotdogs, which the children greatly enjoyed, with cakes and fresh fruit to follow.


             1)Animated shipwreck picture                2) Jointed body                                 3) So much information in the quiz. 


     1) Heart mobile with St. Paul quotation           2) The younger attendees               3) Still enjoyment no matter what age! 


Help is always at hand.


   1) Marion leading a game of 'Simon Says'       2) Children listen attentively at            3) Autumn read the prayers

                                                                             during the stoury of 'Saul to Paul

This was another great morning for our Messy Church. The dedicated team of crafters and caterers ensures that these mornings are always a success, whith families enjoying the crafts, games, worship time and excellent food. Smiley faces and positive comments , as the children leave, is the greatest reward we could ever be blessed with.    

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