21st June Ely Flower Festival

21st June 2018: Trip to Ely Cathedral Flower Festival

Those who went on this trip, organised by Ann Parnell, left Dereham knowing that the Festival would be good, because of it's past reputation, but nothing could have prepared us for the exquisite beauty awaiting us. From the moment of entry to the cathedral,, there were treats around every corner, in every crevice and on every sill, nook and cranny. The programme detailed 75 exhibits, but some exhibits comprised of multi floral displays.....and up high, throughout, the cathedral, sills and alcoves were adorned with beauty. Below are just a few displays to whet your appetite, and eventually there will be an album for you to spend time with. It will take a while, but be patient and you will be rewarded!

1) 2)  

3) ​​​​​​

1)Christus Statue hosting 'Spring'    2)  'The fall of man' Not many apples left on the tree!   

 3)  'The Shepherds and the Magi'

4)   5) 


4)'End of World War 1' (Very moving) .5) 'Baptism' The font overflows into a massive waterfall. 

6) One of the 'egg' 'pillar displays

7) 8) 


7)'Wedding couple' Notice the flowing train.  8) Octagonal display where the altar usually stands.

9) 'Summertime'

The camera will never do justice to what was experienced on the day, but I hope this 'taster' may give you just an insight to the marvellous creations we experienced. Work is now completed on the photo album of this event. Go to 'Churvh Life', click on 'Photos' and select 'Ely Flower Festival 2018'.


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