21st-23rd September 2018 International Peace Weekend

21st September 2018:For  International Peace Weekend, children from the Infant Schools of Dereham and Toftwood gathered in Dereham Market Place, where they placed white cyclamen in a special planter, which was donated by Northgate High School. Canon Sally Theakston and Dereham Mayor, Hilary Bushell led the event. They spoke to the children about the importance of peace and Canon Sally Theakston told the children that it would be their responsibility to take peace into the 22nd Century! The planter has been moved to its place in fron of the War Memorial at the end of the Market Place. Canon Sally Theakston ended the event with with prayers and a blessing. 

The Mid-Norfolk Singers performed a concert on Saturday 22nd September, entitled 'The Joyful Sounds of Peace'

The weekend ended with an Ecumenical Peace Service on Sunday afternoon, 23rd September, at St. Nicholas Parish Church. The service was led by Canon Sally Theakston, assisted by other priests.


There were readings in both English and  German and the Lord's Prayer was said in English, german, French and Welsh, so this was a truly International event.


There were poignant moments during the service as a 'Reflection' and a poem were read. At the end of the service, candles were lit for the congregation to make their 'Commitment to Peace'.


Following the service there was an opportunity to view the splendid display of WW1 artefacts and converse with our German friends, whilst enjoying the refreshments on offer.

The Planter used in Friday's event, when children layed flowers of ppeace in Dereham Market Place, was prominent in front of the altar throughout the service. 

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