19th February 2019 St. Nicholas Messy Church

19th February 2019 Half-term Messy Church: Noah's Ark

65 children and 65 adults kept St Nicholas volunteers extremely busy, with craft activities running out and hot-dogs having to be cut in half! There was opportunity to make decorated Ark plates, dove head-dresses, extending neck giraffes and lion face masks. Some children chose to do Noah 'word-searches' and colour in pictures of the Ark. Fred helped children to make a 'Lego' Ark, as you have never seen before! Young Martha spent her 6th Birthday with us, bringing her Birthday cake for us to share. (Apparently she had been excited and looking forward to this MC session since she saw the forthcoming date at the 'Switching on of Dereham Christmas Lights', and informed her mum that she just had to go to Messy Church for her Birthday! How encouraging is that?!


         Lion face masks.                                Noah's Ark decorated plates.       Colouring is still popular. 


         Colouring spots on a giraffe         Making extending neck giraffes!   Making a dove head-dress


          Who will win 'Jenga'?                        Spinning a plate..very clever!              Look at the giraffe I made!


      Sally's game of 'Beans' =Runner beans!        Story time = Noah's Ark           Bean game.= Baked Beans!


 'Allelu' Can you jump up at the right time?   Proudly wearing 'dove head-dresses'   Never too young!

Martha was delighted to hear 'Happy Birthday to You' sung by over 100 people at Messy Church, and to share her cake with us all.

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