18th August 2018 Cheese and Wine Party

18th August 2018: Cheese and Wine Party at Evelyn and Doug Speed's

(Fundraising Committee Event)


The evening was blessed with warm sunshine, so everybody chose to sit out in the garden. The upper two terraces were the choice of most people, to chat , thave a go at the 'What's in a sock' game and try to complete the cheese and wine wordsearches.


The lower terrace was home for Derrick Watts' Music Centre. He entertained us brilliantly all evening, with his talented singing, which was appreciated by everbody. There was also opportunity to play Connect 4, Jenga, or have a go at spinning plates or mastering the diablos.


There was wine or soft drink alternatives plus a wonderful array of cheese themed food to enjoy. There was a great variety of cheeses to choose from including some  cheeses not tried before . Besides the cheese-board selection, there were cheese and onion rolls, cheese scones, crusty bread, pate, cheese straws, cream cheese stuffed dates, and so many choices of nibbles. Superb spread!


As darkness fell, everybody gathered on the lower terrace to find out who had won the 'What's in a sock' game. There was a 'tie' for first place, but the eventual wineers were the team of Josie and julie Watts, winning a 'mini cheese and wine party'. The raffle was drawn, prizes presented and there was just one thing left to do........to present a picture of St. Nicholas Church to Alan and Jenny Barrett, who moved to Cromer on Friday 24th August. Evelyn read her poem dedicated to the couple, who will be sorely missed by their friends at St. Nicholas. Alan responded, saying how they will miss their Church Family in Dereham, but inviting everyone to 'pop in' when in Cromer, with the promise of cake! 

This was a special evening amongst very special people. The evening raised £263.00


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