16th June 2018 Open Churches Awards.

16th June 2018, St. Nicholas Church received a 'Highly Commended' award following an 'Open Churches' visit by judges Marion Welman, Ken Grapes and Catherine Howe. The visit took place during the half-term Messy Church.The Venerable Karen Hutchinson, Archdeacon of Norwich, opened the proceedings, before the Judges gave their 'feedback' of what they had experienced on their travels across the Diocese. In their summing up at the ceremony, they commended St. Nicholas for their 'welcoming pack'.



The Rt. Revd.  Bishop Graham spoke of the welcome which churches should give, quoting the poetic work of George Herbert. He entertained those attending with some personal, amusing stories of some of his own experiences of visiting churches and cathedrals, nationwide, prior to making the awards to those who had been commended or highly commended, in our Diocese.


A team from St. Nicholas attended the Award Ceremony, and were delighted when they heard the news of being  given a Highly Commended Award. Derrick Watts, who organises the Welcomers at St. Nicholas received the award from Bishop Graham.


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