15th June 2018: 3rd Summer Organ Recital at St Nicholas

15th June 2018 Dr Ref Clark introduced his varied programme prior to beginning the recital, informing us that it was going to be a 'Chronological Romp'.

Dr Clark suggested that the programme was played without interruption, so those attending were able to listen to the complete, varied programme, before giving rapturous applause at the end of the recital.


Relf's agile fingers, combined with clever accompaniment by his feet on the 'foot keyboard', provided a sometimes peaceful, soul-resting piece and at other times a robust, rousing and uplifting rendition. It is an added perspective to see the keyboards in action, projected on the screen.

Canon Sally thanked Dr Clark for his excellent performance. St. Nicholas' beautiful building resonated with the music from the church organ, echoing from pillar to pillar. We are so blessed to experience the wonderful accoustics, which enhance the music.


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