15th December 2018 'Christmas Bubbles'

15th December 2018 'Christmas Bubbles': an evening of Christmas Entertainment organised by the Fund-raising Committe.

The evening was badly affected by the abysmal weather, with many choosing not to go out in the cold, wet, miserable weather.

Those who did attend watched the talent of St. Nicholas and Mollie from Wendling, as they attempted to warm the atmosphere with comedy, nostalgic readings interspersed with  carol singing. Hot mulled wine was served on arrival, and again in the interval with mince pies. Evelyn Speed hosted the evening and Janet Barrow accompanied the carols.  l; 

Michael started proceedings with a 'Revd.'s' notices and sermon on the 12 days of Christmas! Colin Burleigh brought his 'End of Cromer Pier' humour with a story of bagpipes! Fred brought nostalgia to the evening with a Christmas reading from 'Wind in the Willows'., brining the first part to a close.


Derrick Watts entertained us with a fabulous medley of Christmas songs during the interval, when mince pies and mulled wine were served, raffle tickets were served and people attempted to see how many words they could make out of the words 'Christmas Wishes'. Julie Watts el al managed to find 151 words!......which won them a bottle of mulled wine.




The second half began with a hilarious version of 'The Norfolk Fisherman', by Mollie, who had everybody particpating in the chorus, flinging open windows and blowing out imaginary candles'. Don't ever stop Mollie! It was her 85th Birthday the following day, and so she was presented with a birthday cake and a heartfelt rendition of 'Happy Birthday to you'. 

We were reminded that we were still in the middle of Advent, when Richard read two beautiful Advent poems. Evelyn read two of her poems during the evening and Barbara completed the evening with a reading of 'The shepherds came', from Luke's Gospel.

The evening, which raised approximately £200, after costs, concluded with the drawing of the raffle.

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