11th July 2018 Mothers Union Strawberry Tea

11th July 2017: Mothers Union Strawberry Tea.

Members enjoyed a very interesting talk by Janet Burrow about her time as a Missionary in the Philippines with her husband. Having spent an initial 4 years in Manilla, at the School for Missionaries, with a further year following a year back in England, Janet was able to paint a vivid picture of life there. We learned what a handbag should contain for everyday living there, in the weather conditions, which involve very hot, humid temperatures and air pollution. We were also told about travelling in Manilla, in Jeepnies, and rules for restricted use of private cars, as well as the strong American culutural influences. There was a display of Phillippino items, with an accompanying quiz.


Following the talk and opportunity to ask questions, Janet was given a thank you gift.  It was then time for tea. Delicious jam and cream scones, topped with strawberries were served, followed by bowls of flavoursome strawberries, washed down with tea. This delightful afternoon was blessed with warm, bright sunshine, necessitating the shade of a gazebo, for those who have had enough of this glorious heatwave.



The picture below shows the Philippino school and pupils where Janet's husband was a teacher of the Missionaries' children.

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