10th November 2018 A Concert to Commemorate the 1st World War


10th November 2018, Scarning celebrated 100 Years since the Armistice at the end of World War 1, with a concert, featuring songs and readings which reflected the moods of war.

The evening was hosted by Sian Astley with accompaniment provided by Cathy Al-bay at the piano.


Masquerqade were on top form, singing a variety of songs from the era, with opportunity for the audience to join in.

We were kept on our toes, when Anne and Sue tried to trip us up, by getting us to join in with the tongue-twisting song 'Sister Susie Sewing Shirts for Soldiers'!

The singing was interspersed with poignant readings, telling local stories of soldiers and events involving Scarning and Dereham


Solo artists gave fabulous performances, some of which were light-hearted, such as Mollie's rendition of 'Always a Bridesmaid' and Alan's performance, accompanied by his original gramophone playing a 78 rpm record of 'A Tribute to Vegetabules'. Others, such as Steve's moving version of 'Willie McBride', brought home the emotions caused by the loss of loved ones in war.


The evening was very well balanecd, with heart-rendering offerings of story and song, alongside light-hearted items, giving everybody the chance to recover from hearing the traumatic tales of war and battle, both on 'the front' and 'back home'.


The eveing eventually ended with a fish and chip supper, which was well worth waiting for. Well done Scarning and Co.





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