Church Life

Meeting fortnighlty in one another's homes, we enjoy sharing in  Bible readings together, with books or notes to help us with our understanding. Individuals from the group mtake on the leadership of each session - but only if they feel comfortable doing so - and with only the minimum of preparation expected, since most of us have day-time jobs and other commitments.

We have recently found that the medium of DVD, bringing visual background and an outside voice into our sitting rooms, has enhanced our understanding of God's Word and also stimulated discussion and an exchange of responses within the group. This discovery has led us to purchase a number of small-group resources over the past year, each combining DVD presentations, participants' books, and guidance notes for leaders. Titles have included, 'God is closer than you think', '40 days with Jesus' and ' There are no strong people.'

The Group meets at 7.30pm, finishing with drinks and biscuits between 8.30 and 9pm. Usually there are between four and eight of us, meeting together, and WE WOULD LOVE OTHERS TO JOIN OUR GROUP. We currently have members from the Parishes of Dereham and Swanton Morley. We would welcome others from any other Parishes in this Benefice. Please feel free to contact us for more details, and find out where we are meeting for each session.

Carolyn on 0775 506278

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